Choral Ensemble

    Choral Ensemble
    • Type of activity: Music
    • Institution: "Luceafarul" Creation Center
    • Age: 8-15 years
    • Payment: Free
    • Teaching language: Romanian/Russian
    • Registration: 01-30 September
    • Availability: Registration unavailable outside of enrollment periods

    The Choral Ensemble contributes to the development of the voice and vocal technique through homogenization, tuning and intonation exercises. The techniques used are breathing, articulation, diction, sound balance.

     The Choral Ensemble develops children's sensitivity to rhythm, harmony and melody. They learn to hear and interpret different aspects of music, which can enhance their appreciation and understanding of music.

    Children have the opportunity to study vocal and choral creations, as well as understand musical concepts and techniques. Through these activities, they develop their musical knowledge and performance skills.

    We encourage and support children to participate in various local cultural activities and competitions at local and national level. This experience contributes to their development as artists and to the strengthening of team spirit.

    To enroll in this ensemble, children go through a trial lesson, which helps identify their musical abilities such as rhythm, hearing and musical memory. This is an ideal opportunity to discover if this musical ensemble is right for them and if they have the passion and skills to shine in the music world.

     To mention: The hours of activity are established in September, depending on the formation of the groups, according to the age of the beneficiaries.

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