About the Project

    CahulActiv is an innovative online platform in the city of Cahul, which gathers all local circles and sections under one roof. Here, you find a convenient way to explore, compare and sign up for a variety of activities, from sports clubs and dance classes to lectures and interest clubs. We are here to make the active life of Cahul accessible to everyone, connecting a diverse range of circles and sections in one place.

    Our mission is clear: we want to make the experience of extracurricular activities in Cahul more accessible and easier to explore for the whole community. We are dedicated to facilitating access to a wide range of activities to encourage active participation and involvement in the life of our community.

    With a vision to become the main online hub for the interaction between organizers and the local community, we want to promote active living, encourage social engagement and create a close-knit community. Our core values ​​are transparency, accessibility, activity and social interaction. We want to provide all relevant information about circles and wards in an easy to understand and accessible way. We aim to support an active and healthy lifestyle and promote social interaction, facilitating communication and connection between Cahul residents.

    Initially, our platform was developed to cover the offer of municipal institutions, such as the Palace of Culture "N.Botgros" in Cahul, the Creative Center for Children "Luceafărul", the School of Fine Arts for Children, the School of Music "M. Cebotari", the Specialized Weightlifting Sports School, the Sports School No. 1 and the Sports School No. 2 from the municipality of Cahul. Together, these institutions offer more than 40 activities and departments in diverse fields such as art, music, dance, sports, crafts and education.

    But along the way, we intend to expand the catalog of activities with all the offers in the municipality of Cahul, including private clubs and academies.

    The CahulActiv platform was created by the Palace of Culture "N.Botgros" from the municipality of Cahul in partnership with the Cahul City Hall, within the Digital Impact Program for Cahul, implemented by Startup Moldova as part of the EU4Moldova project: Startup City Cahul, implemented by ATIC and financed by the European Union in partnership with Sweden.

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