Ensemble of Whistlers

    Ensemble of Whistlers
    • Type of activity: Music
    • Institution: "Luceafarul" Creation Center
    • Age: 8-15 years
    • Payment: Free
    • Teaching language: Romanian/Russian
    • Registration: 01-30 September
    • Availability: Registration unavailable outside of enrollment periods

    The Fluieristi Ensemble is the place where passion for music, tradition and creativity meet. Here, our children learn the wonderful art of the whistle, a basic folk music instrument, yet full of charm and versatility. The little ones discover the secrets of correct breathing and begin an exciting musical journey.  

    Children learn to read sheet music, understand rhythm and musical notation, and develop a musical ear. Playing the whistle requires concentration and attention to detail, which helps develop these skills. Through practice and refinement, children gain confidence in their abilities and an understanding of the value of discipline in achieving goals. The Whistle Ensemble encourages team spirit and gives children a chance to connect with other young music enthusiasts.

    Those who dedicate themselves to the study of the whistle can then find places in various musical formations, such as the school orchestra or folk ensembles. These skills can also open the door to further music studies at a more advanced level.

     The flute is a versatile instrument and can be used to perform various musical genres, from classical music to popular, folk or contemporary tunes. With this diversity, our children have the opportunity to explore their preferences and develop a wide range of musical skills, both by participating in regional cultural events and by joining various types of orchestras in the future.

    To mention: The hours of activity are established in September, depending on the formation of the groups, according to the age of the beneficiaries.

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    • Ensemble of Whistlers
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