• Type of activity: Music
    • Institution: "Luceafarul" Creation Center
    • Age: 5-21 years
    • Payment: Free
    • Teaching language: Romanian/Russian
    • Registration: 01-30 September
    • Availability: Registration unavailable outside of enrollment periods

    Cercul de Canto is an extracurricular activity dedicated to music and singing lovers. It gives children the opportunity to develop their vocal skills, explore the world of music and enjoy the experience of vocal performance. Within this circle, children are guided and trained by passionate and qualified teachers in the field of vocal music.

    The main aspects of the Singing Circle include:

    1. Development of Vocal Skills: Participants learn to develop their voice, improve their tone, breathing, and explore their vocal range. Through vocal exercises and techniques, children learn to use their voice in a healthy and expressive way.

    2. Diverse Musical Repertoire: Singing Circle gives children the opportunity to sing a variety of musical genres, including classical, pop, rock, traditional music and more. Thus, children can develop their musical preferences and become familiar with different musical styles.

     3. Interpretation and Artistic Expression: Through singing, children learn to express their emotions and feelings. They learn how to interpret lyrics and music in an engaging and emotional way, communicating with the audience through music.

    4. Participation in Performances and Events: Children have the chance to prepare for performances, concerts and special events, where they can show off their vocal talent in front of an audience. It develops self-confidence and presentation skills.

    5. Development of Social Skills: Singing in choirs or singing groups involves cooperation and coordination with other members. It develops important social skills such as listening, communication and teamwork.

    6. Performance Opportunities: Children may have opportunities to participate in singing competitions, art assessments and even record music. This helps them to showcase their talents and develop their skills.

    Cercul de Canto offers a wonderful musical experience and is a place where children can discover and cultivate a love of music and singing. This is an activity that inspires them to express their creativity and develop their artistic skills, all under the guidance of dedicated and passionate teachers.

    To mention: The hours of activity are established in September, depending on the formation of the groups, according to the age of the beneficiaries.

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