Football section

    Football section
    • Type of activity: Sports
    • Institution: Sports school no. 2
    • Age: 7-17 years
    • Payment: Free
    • Teaching language: Romanian/Russian
    • Registration: 01 September - 01 October
    • Availability: Registration unavailable outside of enrollment periods

    The management of this section is provided by two experienced coaches, Vasile Poroșenco and Ivan Dragni, who bring distinct knowledge and approaches to the training of young footballers. They train children in the following locations:

    • Vasile Poroșenco coordinates training at the "Atlant" Stadium.
    • Ivan Dragni organizes training at the Sports School Stadium no. 2, according to the schedule: Monday - Friday - 2:45 - 6:35 PM, And on Saturdays and Sundays he participates and plays in the League A Championships in the U11, 12, 17 categories

    Each of our coaches brings a unique approach to soccer training. To understand in detail how we do our business and what sets us apart, we invite you to watch the football section presentation video or contact us personally to discuss in detail.

    Soccer is not just about kicking the ball, it is a school of life in itself. Through our training, young athletes develop essential skills such as:

    Discipline and team spirit: Soccer teaches responsibility and collaboration in a competitive environment.

    Physical development: Through regular training, agility, endurance and strength are improved.

    Technical skills: Playing soccer involves ball control, dribbling, accurate passing and more.

    Tactical thinking: Playing soccer, kids learn to plan and make quick decisions on the field.

    Our football teams have participated and continue to participate successfully in numerous regional and national competitions. With every match, our children learn and develop, demonstrating passion and determination on the field.

    We encourage every child to discover the fascination of the game of soccer and join our team. We are here to guide future footballers to performance and give them a memorable experience in the world of football!

    For more information and registration, please contact us.

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