Judo - Sambo section

    Judo - Sambo section
    • Type of activity: Sports
    • Institution: Sports school no. 2
    • Age: 6-15 years
    • Payment: Free
    • Teaching language: Romanian/Russian
    • Availability: Registration available

    At the Judo - Sambo Department, girls and boys aged between 6 and 15 can register.
    Here, children will learn the techniques of judo and sambo, two martial arts with a rich tradition.

    First of all, this fight develops discipline and respect for the rules, being sports that emphasize ethics and fair play. Children learn to coordinate their movements and develop their physical and mental endurance. Develops the skills to adapt to unexpected situations and make quick decisions. Judo and sambo promote team spirit, being sports that can be practiced in individual competitions or in teams.

    These sports are not only based on brute strength, but also on technique and discipline, thus:

    Judo is based on throwing techniques such as ippon-seoi-nage or tai-otoshi, pinning techniques (katame-waza) and strangulation and dislocation techniques (shime-waza and kansetsu-waza).

    Sambo includes throwing techniques (cuvarina), floor control techniques (razbor), strangulation techniques (shime-waza) and dislocation techniques (kansetsu-waza). 

    By participating in training, children develop self-defense skills as well as self-confidence. At the beginning of each practice, children do warm-up and physical training exercises, contributing to the development of their motor skills and coordination.

    The children will be guided and instructed by their master, who will adapt the exercises to their physical fitness level and age. It is important that each child feels comfortable and develops at his own pace.

    Every practice is an opportunity for children to learn and grow in a safe and stimulating environment. We invite you to join this sporting adventure with us!

    To mention: The hours of activity are established in September, depending on the formation of the groups, according to the age of the beneficiaries.

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