February 19, 2024

Vocal contest "Talent Zone" - Buzau, Romania

Vocal contest "Talent Zone" - Buzau, Romania

In the prestigious vocal competition "Talent Zone" held in Buzău, Romania, the children who attend CC Luceafărul Cahul represented the municipality of Cahul and demonstrated a remarkable talent, an unbridled passion for music! With crystal clear voices and emotional performances, these young artists captured the hearts of the audience and the judges. With every note, they conveyed emotion and brought their true passion for music to the fore. The outcome? Leading places achieved with dignity and pride, turning them into true ambassadors of vocal art!!!

The places at the International Pop and Popular Music Competition - "Talent Zone" from Buzău of the students from the creative center "Luceafărul" or. Cahul professor Bufenco Aliona

  • Mardari Ecaterina - Pop International GROUP TROPHY
  • Gurscaia Ștefi - Pop International GROUP TROPHY
  • Roșca Laura - Pop International 1 GROUP TROPHY
  • Roabeș Vlada - Interpretation In Memoriam SECTION TROPHY
  • Şeremet Margareta - Romanian Pop FIRST PLACE
  • Tataru Adelina - Romanian Pop FIRST PLACE
  • Malairău Mihaela - Romanian Pop FIRST PLACE
  • Bădin Anastasia - Romanian Pop FIRST PLACE
  • Maftei Vlada - Film & Musical Music Interpretation FIRST PLACE
  • Duet: Roșca Laura &; Victoria Interpretation of Popular Music II PLACE
  • Diminenco Maria - Film & Musical Music Interpretation II PLACE
  • Diminenco Maria - Interpretation of European music II PLACE

The children demonstrated an extraordinary level of talent and work in the vocal competition and their results were truly outstanding. We are proud of their dedication and the way they represented our city with dignity!  

Source : cahulactiv