Ensemble " Majorette-Show - Iuventa "

    Ensemble " Majorette-Show - Iuventa "
    • Type of activity: Dance
    • Institution: Palace of Culture "N.Botgros"
    • Age: 5-20 years
    • Payment: For a fee
    • Teaching language: Romanian/Russian
    • Registration: 01-30 September
    • Availability: Registration unavailable outside of enrollment periods

    " Majorette-Show - Iuventa " is an initiative that brings together the Model Ensemble of street and popular stylized dances " Iuventa " and the Choreographic Studio " Majorette-Show ".

    These collectives offer dance classes that not only develop essential physical skills such as coordination, flexibility and endurance, but also artistic skills such as expression and creativity. By participating in such activities, children and teenagers also have the opportunity to develop team spirit, discipline and self-confidence. Dance adds an artistic and fun element to the learning process.

    The " Iuventa " ensemble was born in 1994 and quickly became a landmark in the aesthetic education of children and young people in the Cahul region. Through its varied repertoire, this ensemble has made the name of the city and the country known by participating in events and dance competitions both nationally and internationally (Hungary, Estonia, Turkey, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, sa). The styles covered range from stylized folkloric choreographic compositions to contemporary street dances, sports and modern dances.

    "Majorette-Show" with roots stretching back to 2012 and a passion that really came to life in 2018, the Majorette Show Collective is a shining example of ambition and determination. We bring a new breath to the universe of dance and sports, bringing to the fore the Majorette style, a diverse art form that includes elements such as pompoms, flags, sticks and drums.

    Over the years we have worked closely with NBTA Europe, giving our children the chance to learn baton, flag, drum and pom pom handling techniques. The results did not take long to appear, and our young people shone on the competition stage, obtaining prestigious awards.

    Our achievements include:

    🏆 1st Prize at Danube Dance Fest 2019, Galaţi, Romania, for Cheerleaders with sticks and Dance with flags, along with the Special Prize for the best choreographic moment.

    🏆 First prize in 4 categories at Majorette-Sport and Baton Twirling "Зимние Узоры II" 2021, Moscow, Russia, for our talented Cheerleaders.

    🏆 2nd place, section: Traditional Pompoms Corps, Juvenile category, European Majorettes Championship 2022, Lignano, Italy.

    🏆 3rd place, section: Traditional Pompoms Corps, Juvenile and Junior categories, European Majorettes Championship 2023, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    More than a performance collective, Majorette Show is the pride of the Republic of Moldova and represents the National Sports Federation of Baton and Twirling Cheerleaders in the Republic of Moldova, based in Cahul. This fact allows us to represent our country at the European Majorette Championships and Competitions.

    We are driven by passion and dedication and are proud to offer the youth of Cahul the opportunity to shine on the international stage. Through hard work and determination, we have proven that dreams can come true.

    To mention: The hours of activity are established in September, depending on the formation of the groups, according to the age of the beneficiaries.

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    • Name of activity
    • Ensemble " Majorette-Show - Iuventa "
    • Leader
    • Panașescu Rodica
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