"Hobby Boom" Dibace Hands Circle

    "Hobby Boom" Dibace Hands Circle
    • Type of activity: Art
    • Institution: Palace of Culture "N.Botgros"
    • Age: 7-85 years
    • Payment: Free
    • Teaching language: Romanian/Russian
    • Availability: Registration available

    Welcome to our world full of color and creativity! At the "Hobby Boom" Circle, art meets passion, and our shared experience turns into works of art!

    The "Hobby Boom" circle was born in January 2018 with a noble purpose: to revive the passion for crafts and manual work, preserve folk traditions and gather creative souls under one roof. Over time, we managed to gather participants between the ages of 7 and 70, proving that the passion for manual work knows no age limits.

    So, whether you are children, teenagers or adults, we are here to guide you in the wonderful world of crafts. Beading, cutting, embroidery and knitting, weaving and woodworking are more than activities - they are ways to express our individuality and creativity. Here, you will discover not only artistic techniques, but also fine motor skills that will accompany you in everyday life.

    What makes this circle truly special is its ability to bring generations together. We enjoy seeing children and adults working together, learning from each other and creating special bonds. In an ever-moving world, this is a precious moment of mutual communication and learning.

    At "Hobby Boom", we organize numerous master classes in areas such as decoupage, knitting, embroidery, quilling, sweet design technique for bouquets, jewelry creation and many others. We actively participate in numerous exhibitions and events both locally and internationally.

    We are proud to be part of such festivals and events as:

    • "Danube Spring" International Festival in Bolgrad, Ukraine.
    • The "Hederlez" festival in Ceadîr-Lunga.
    • International Festival of New Year's Traditions.
    • Popular Harbor Festival, Cahul municipality.
    • International Folklore Festival "Nufărul Alb" in Cahul.
    • "Beleu" Festival in Slobozia Mare.
    • "Home with Longing" festival in Manta.
    • The annual harvest and wine festivals of Cahul, Comrat and Ceadîr-Lunga, etc

    So, we welcome you with open arms to join this fascinating and inspiring art. Discover the joy of manual work and turn your ideas into real handmade masterpieces. We are here to guide and support you in your creative endeavors.

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    • Name of activity
    • "Hobby Boom" Dibace Hands Circle
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    • Liubovi Sinițîna, Oxana Poromboceanu, Serghei Zaporojenco
    • 0790 77 451
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    I am very glad that there are such circles and such skilled craftsmen who teach children to make wonderful works! Well done, success in the future, beautiful achievements and thanks!
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