Men's basketball

    Men's basketball
    • Type of activity: Sports
    • Institution: Sports school no. 1
    • Age: 9-12 years
    • Payment: Free
    • Teaching language: Romanian/Russian
    • Registration: 01 September - 31 October
    • Availability: Registration unavailable outside of enrollment periods

    The men's basketball section promotes an active lifestyle and the strengthening of team spirit among children and young people. This extracurricular club offers the opportunity to practice basketball, a sport that involves coordination, concentration, motor skills and physical fitness.

    In the training hours of the men's basketball section, children learn and develop:

    1. Basic basketball technique: Children are taught how to properly hold the ball, how to shoot the basket, how to pass and move on the court. He also learns various dribbling and dribbling techniques.

    2. Tactical knowledge: Understanding team play is essential in basketball. Youngsters learn how to cooperate, communicate and support their teammates to gain an advantage on the field. There is also work on understanding game schemes and strategies.

    3. Physical development: Coaches focus on developing the strength, endurance and agility required in basketball. It involves physical conditioning exercises and specific techniques to increase sports performance.

     4. Competitions and matches: Children have the chance to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in local, regional and national competitions. They provide the opportunity to experience the pressure of games and learn to manage tense moments.

    5. Discipline and fair play: In the basketball section, sporting values ​​such as fair play, respect for colleagues and opponents, hard work and personal discipline are promoted.

    Over time, the men's basketball section can provide opportunities for personal development and to discover hidden talents in this sport. It also provides a great way to socialize and make new friends with the same passion for basketball.

    To mention: The hours of activity are established in September, depending on the formation of the groups, according to the age of the beneficiaries.

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    Months14:30 - 18:00Andrei Timbala
    Tuesday14:30 - 16:00Eugene Pogorelov
    Wednesday14:30 - 18:00Andrei Timbala
    Thursday14:30 - 16:00Eugene Pogorelov
    Friday14:30 - 18:00Andrei Timbala
    16:00 - 17:30Eugene Pogorelov
    Saturday12:00 - 14:00Eugene Pogorelov
    14:30 - 18:00Eugene Pogorelov
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    • Men's basketball
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