November 21, 2023

"Cup of the Mayor of Cahul to Chess" - 5th Edition: A Feast of Strategic Moves

"Cup of the Mayor of Cahul to Chess" - 5th Edition: A Feast of Strategic Moves

On November 19, chess enthusiasts from Cahul and the surrounding regions gathered to participate in the 5th edition of the prestigious event "Mayor's Cup of Cahul Chess". Organized with the support of the Cahul City Hall and in collaboration with the Chess Center within the "N.Botgros" Palace of Culture in Cahul, the tournament represented a true celebration of the mind and competitive spirit.

The 5th edition of the Cup attracted participants from various localities such as Cahul municipality and region, Tacarclia town, Comrat town, Ceadîr-Lunga town and even from the capital Chisinau. Both children and adults had the opportunity to test their strategic skills against talented opponents, contributing to the competitive and friendly atmosphere of the tournament.

The best of the best were rewarded with prizes for their outstanding performances at the chess table. Every strategic move was evaluated and appreciated, and the winners received not only trophies and diplomas, but also the well-deserved recognition of their chess skills.

The event was possible thanks to the active involvement of the Cahul City Hall and the collaboration with the Cahul Chess Center within the Palace of Culture "N.Botgros". This collaboration demonstrated, once again, the importance of supporting the local community and promoting cultural and intellectual activities.

The "Cahul Chess Mayor's Cup" is not just a competition; it is a further step for the development of chess in the community. Encouraging the passion for this noble game, the event contributes to the formation of future talents and strengthens the bonds between chess lovers in the region.

Having successfully concluded this edition, the organizers and participants are already looking forward to the next chess event, preparing for new challenges and to further bring the glory of this game to the hearts of the people of Cahul and beyond the city borders.

Source : cahulactiv