November 21, 2023

"Autumnal Elegy": A Journey into the World of Visual Art

"Autumnal Elegy": A Journey into the World of Visual Art

In a show of color and expression, the doors of the fourth edition of the Visual Arts exhibition "Autumnal Elegy" were opened at the Palace of Culture "N. Botgros" from Cahul. An event full of sophistication and creativity, which will take place between November 15-22, and which brings together 33 talented artists from the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

Organized with the support of Cahul City Hall and in collaboration with the Fine Arts School for Children from Cahul, the exhibition is a window into the fascinating world of visual arts. With a remarkable diversity of styles and techniques, the works on display reflect the richness of local and regional creativity.

More than 50 paintings, true works of art, have been brought together in this edition. The artists come from various corners of the country and Romania, offering the audience a fascinating look at how different environments and cultures influence artistic creation.

The exhibition is not only an art showcase, but also a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with the artistic universe. In a friendly setting, each visitor can experience the diversity of visual expression and discover their own interpretations of the exhibited works.

So, for all art lovers and those passionate about beauty, the "Autumnal Elegy" exhibition is an opportunity to explore and enjoy the talent of contemporary artists. With the doors open until November 22, we invite you to let yourself be carried away by the magic of visual art and enjoy every nuance of this autumnal elegy.

Source : cahulactiv